Gorgeous mural in memory of President's dog, Síoda, appears in Dublin
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Gorgeous mural in memory of President's dog, Síoda, appears in Dublin

A FITTING tribute to one of Ireland's favourite dogs.

The entire nation was saddened last weekend to learn that one of the President Michael D Higgins's beloved dogs had passed away 'after a short illness'.

Bernese Mountain Dog Síoda could often be found on the grounds of Áras an Uachtarán with her brother, Bród, stealing the limelight from famous visitors, crashing speeches to demand rubs from their owner and just generally being good dogs.

Her death resulted in an outpouring of love from Irish adults and children alike, with one heartbroken child sending the President a letter offering his condolences, saying: "I was sad when my cat died so I know that you are too".

Now a Dublin-based artist has used his own talent and skills to create a mural in honour of the First Dog of Ireland.

The mural, based in Ringsend in the Irish capital, depicts the dog with a saint-like halo around her, and boasts the words 'Naomh Síoda, Madra na hÉireann': Saint Síoda, Dog of Ireland.

Sharing the mural on his Instagram, artist 'High King Jack' wrote:

"In honour of an absolute unit in the world of Irish diplomacy, Michael D's late dog."

"Rest easy."

Jack's art has proved a hit, with pedestrians surprised and delighted to find the painting greeting them as they stroll down the banks of the River Dodder in Ringsend.

"What a beautiful tribute to Síoda," one woman posted to Twitter.

"I cam across it on my #notparkrun in [Dublin] this morning."

"Skipped canonisation," another wrote. "Straight to sainthood."

You can check out more of the talented artist's traditional and digital art by following his Instagram page (here) or on Twitter (here).