Man who left London on Wednesday to travel home to his mother in Ireland still hasn't arrived
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Man who left London on Wednesday to travel home to his mother in Ireland still hasn't arrived

KEVIN ENGLISH, a construction manager in London, left his home on Wednesday expecting to be with his dear mother Kitty in Carrick-on-Suir, County Tipperary by late Wednesday.

However, Kevin still hasn't arrived. Instead, he's stranded in a hotel in Waterford, close to home but not close enough after an arduous journey.

Kevin relayed the details of his epic voyage home to Liveline with Joe Duffy on RTE One this afternoon.

On Wednesday, Kevin turned around at Victoria station in London on route to the airport when he discovered his flight was cancelled. Instead, he made his way from Euston Station to Holyhead in Wales in attempt to hop on a ferry across the Irish sea homeward bound.

The Irish Ferries boat Kevin managed to get himself on was severely delayed by the conditions, and arrived in Dublin around nine o clock on Thursday morning, several hours after it was intended to reach the port.

Kevin had to be at Heuston airport for quarter past ten to make the train to Waterford, but there were no taxi's at Dublin port when he arrived.

Instead, he hopped on a bus to Connolly Station and after much effort managed to Heuston with two minutes to spare for his train.

On the train to Waterford, the private car hire company he had booked a vehicle with hours before rang him to say they were closed for the day due to the storm.

Having tried rental companies in Kilkenny to no avail, he also tried cab companies in Waterford but had no joy with them either.

Throughout this entire leg of the journey, Kevin had been keeping his mother (who had the dinner in the oven at home in Carrick-on-Suir) posted on his progress.

When he got to Waterford, there were no cabs in sight whatsoever.

Kevin made the decision to stroll across the bridge and on to the quays, where he booked into Treacy's hotel.

Speaking to Joe Duffy, Kevin said: "There are worse places to be. I'm looking down here at the Waterford Quays covered in white and it's quite the sight."

Kevin's plan is to stay put in Waterford tonight.

Jerry, a spokesperson from Met Eireann called into the show and brought the good news that rain and sleet are expected to arrive overnight bringing thaw which should have the trains up and running in the morning.

Kevin's mother Kitty also called into the show and explained how she was "housebound" due to the heavy snowfall and is counting down the minutes until her son arrives at the front door.

Kevin is meant to be back to work in London on Monday but now plans on staying an extra couple days to let things clear: "I certainly don't want to have the same journey going back as I had coming over!".

An anonymous caller in the Waterford area called into the show and offered to attempt to give Kevin a lift home to Carrick-on-Suir in his 4 x 4.

Whether by the good of the locals or by train, Kevin is due to arrive home to his mammy tomorrow morning at the latest.

Here's hoping he can get a simple, and comfortable flight back to London in a few days.