Celebs support petition launched to bring Bob Brolly's Irish show back to the airwaves
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Celebs support petition launched to bring Bob Brolly's Irish show back to the airwaves

A PETITION has been launched to bring popular BBC radio presenter Bob Brolly’s Irish show back to the airwaves.

The DJ’s Sunday afternoon Bob Brolly’s Irish Show has now been off air at BBC West Midlands for 12 weeks, due to the corporation’s streamlining of services in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

This week a petition entitled Reinstatement of Bob Brolly Irish Programme has been launched by fans hoping to bring it back.

The Change.org petition, started by Lisa Judge, claims “Bob has worked tirelessly for 25 years for the BBC, having raised over 2.5 million pounds for local causes.

“The BBC WM have taken the decision to axe his Bob Brolly Irish Programme, and as loyal listeners and friends of Bob we don’t agree with this decision.”

Ms Judge adds: “We ask for the support of everyone who knows Bob, as a listener, friend or artist to sign this petition, show our support and get Bob back where he belongs, 3-6pm every Sunday. #BBB Bring Brolly Back.”

The petition has already accrued more than 2600 names, with fans leaving comments as they pledged their support.

Marie Smith said: “This show is a lifeline to older listeners remembering their lives in the homeland. Shame on the BBC to axe such a popular show.”

Gillian Scott explained: “I am signing because a lot of people on their own rely on Bob for company on a Sunday, they look forward to his programme.”

She added: “Bob is a saint, he has worked tirelessly for different charities, please bring him back.”

Bob's celebrity friends have also lent their support to the campaign, with Donegal crooner Daniel O'Donnell saying: "I was very sad to hear that the Bob Brolly Irish Show on BBC West Midlands has been taken off the air. This show was extremely popular for many years, playing all the Irish singers just like myself. Although it was an Irish show it reached a much wider demographic."

He added: "Through the years Bob has raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for various charities by hosting concerts which he promoted through the programme."

Fellow singer and radio presenter on Galway Bay FM, Marc Roberts has also backed the campaign, stating: "If you’re a fan of Irish music please sign this petition.

"Bob Brolly has supported Irish music and artists for years. Helping to bring our music to new people.

"BBC are trying to cancel the Irish show.  Could you please sign the petition & share this & help keep Irish music alive."

Back in May the BBC issued a statement regarding the removal of the show, where they claimed: “The schedules across all BBC Local Radio were changed at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic to streamline our programming and provide a more universal feel.”

They added: “We want to continue to deliver the output our listeners love during these challenging times and Bob Brolly can still be heard on BBC CWR every Sunday from 2-6pm where he shares a flavour of his Irish Music Show each week.”

To sign the petition visit www.change.org/p/bbc-reinstatement-of-bob-brolly-irish-programme