Tourists from Ireland are the second most grumpy in the world
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Tourists from Ireland are the second most grumpy in the world

A NEW report has revealed that tourists from Ireland are the second most grumpy in the world.

After studying millions of hotel reviews from around the world, the Irish were judged most likely to leave one or two-star reviews.

Only Spain outdid Ireland in the grumpy stakes, with Iceland the third most discontented travellers.

The nations with the happiest tourists meanwhile were Russia, Serbia and Lebanon.

The report was compiled by RewardExpert, which helps travellers take full advantage of travel reward programmes such as air miles.

The company analysed 3.5million reviews for over 13,000 hotels across 70 countries, made by reviewers from 83 different nations.

The data was then divided into subsets, with one or two-star reviews indicating ‘grumpiness’ and five-star ratings indicating ‘happiness.’

“An average was calculated of these two, as a percentage of all reviews by visitors from each country of origin, in order to rank them on a scale from grumpy to happy,” said RewardExpert co-founder Vlad Tyschuk.

Ireland came in at 82 on the list of 83 nations ranked from happiest to grumpiest.

While Ireland didn’t take the dubious honour of most grumpy tourists overall, the Irish were most likely to leave a one and two-star review of a hotel.

Of 53,429 reviews by Irish travellers, 11.97 per cent were one or two stars.

It seems we are a nation of extremes though.

While three and four-star reviews from Irish tourists were remarkably rare, we are relatively generous with the five-star ratings, which accounted for 41.27 per cent of our reviews.

“The net result is that, while Irish tourists are remarkably cranky, Spanish tourists were able to edge them out,” said the report.

Britain meanwhile ranked 27th overall, with the United States ninth.