Irish shamrock: Wear a little piece of Ireland this St Patrick’s Day
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Irish shamrock: Wear a little piece of Ireland this St Patrick’s Day

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ST PATRICK'S DAY is the day when we come together to celebrate and share our rich Irish culture and heritage wherever we are in the world.

From Dublin to London to New York, streets across the world will be filled with revellers dressed in shamrock green, proudly parading their Irish roots.

So wherever you are in the world why not wear a little piece of Ireland this St Patrick’s Day?

'Horkans can deliver traditional Irish shamrock to you, your friends and relatives anywhere in the UK, the US or mainland Europe'

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The shamrock is firmly established as the most instantly recognisable emblem and is the treasured symbol of Ireland.

Horkans Irish Shamrock is the true species of Irish shamrock, Trifolium Dubium.

The shamrock is grown in a special hydrogel using no soil which removes the threat of contamination and makes it suitable for exporting to most parts of the world.

The shamrock comes with root intact, so you can plant it in your own garden or pot it up after you wear it on St Patrick's Day.

The gel gives the shamrock a shelf life of up to 14 days and it can then be stored once refrigerated for 6-8 weeks.

It is also the same shamrock that has been presented to all US presidents every St Patrick’s Day since Bill Clinton’s term.

17/3/2011.Taoiseach Enda Kenny In Washington. Taoiseach and Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny gives President Barack Obama a bowl of shamrock in the White House, in Washington DC on St Patricks Day. President Obama confirmed to the Taoiseach that he will visit Ireland in May of this year. This was Enda Kennys first official trip as Taoiseach to the United States of America. Photo: Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny gives President Barack Obama a bowl of shamrock in the White House in Washington DC on St Patrick's Day. Photo:

Horkans Irish shamrock is available to send individually, to families, to teams, clubs or associations and you can send just the one individual shamrock or up to 200 plus.

Horkans will ensure we will deliver in time for you to wear your shamrocks with pride, a smile on your face and love and laughter in your heart as you celebrate St Patrick’s Day.

Horkans are a family owned and run business, based in Co. Mayo in the west of Ireland. Mayo is also home to Croagh Patrick, St. Patrick's holy mountain.

It was there the people of Ireland gathered to fast and pray after hearing about the death of St. Patrick. To this day, many people make the same pilgrimage to the top of Croagh Patrick, over a thousand years after his death.

Horkans-n Paraic Horkan presents a bowl of Irish shamrock to Enda Kenny

The Horkan family have a long history of shamrock growing and expert gardening. Today the company is run by three brothers.

In the 1940s, their grandmother Sarah Horkan began growing shamrock and the tradition continues to this day.

With over 80million people worldwide claiming Irish descent and with 2016 marking the centenary of the Easter Rising, Horkans are giving you a unique opportunity to wear a little piece of Ireland for St Patrick’s Day.

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