£800,000 haul of legal highs one of largest ever drug seizures in Northern Ireland

£800,000 haul of legal highs one of largest ever drug seizures in Northern Ireland

OVER £800,000 worth of legal highs have been seized by the PSNI over the last two days – one of the largest ever seizures in Northern Ireland.

Detectives from the PSNI’s Criminal Investigation Branch uncovered the huge haul of new psychoactive substances during searches in Portadown and Lurgan.

On Tuesday, £400,000 worth of suspected psychoactive substances were seized and removed for inspection following a search of a house in Portadown.

A number of unknown substances were also discovered and are being examined by specially trained officers.

A 35-year-old man arrested on suspicion of a number of drugs offences has since been released on bail pending further police enquiries.


Meanwhile a search of business premises in the Charles Street area of Lurgan on Wednesday uncovered psychoactive substances worth an estimated £400,000.

A quantity of tablets and two industrial sized tablets presses were also discovered.

'Harm and misery'

Detective Inspector Pete Mullan of the PSNI said on Wednesday: “These seizures amount to one of the largest in Northern Ireland and demonstrate our ongoing commitment to removing drugs from our communities and the harm and misery they bring with them.

“Recently a barrel containing a large quantity of suspected new psychoactive substances was seized as part of ongoing work carried out by the PSNI’s Organised Crime Units and Border Force.

“The barrel was to be delivered to an address in Northern Ireland and yesterday detectives from Criminal Investigation Branch visited that address and arrested a man.

“This was a significant seizure of approximately £400,000 worth of a suspected psychoactive. We also uncovered a number of unknown substances and they will be examined by specially trained officers after being removed for further examination.


“Today we also seized a further £400,000 of suspected psychoactive substances as well as other tablets and equipment linked with drugs.”

He added: “The profit made from the supply of illegal drugs funds organised crime which brings harm to individuals and destroys communities.”