88 year old woman left terrified after armed burglars broke into her rural home and stole pension money

88 year old woman left terrified after armed burglars broke into her rural home and stole pension money

AN 88-YEAR-OLD woman suffered a terrifying ordeal when two armed burglars broke into her home, threatened her and stole her pension money.

The elderly woman, who lives in a remote area of Co Offaly, told the Irish Independent she was alone when two men entered her home through a window under cover of darkness and grabbed her.

The woman, who did not want to be identified, lives with her son.

"I was very frightened," said the woman, who suffered bad bruising to her wrist during her ordeal.

"They came out of nowhere. The front door and the back door were both locked. They got in through a window.

"A man in a white cap had a screwdriver in his hand and he caught a hold of my wrist. I was very frightened. They broke the door of my wardrobe.

"I said I wanted to go and get a drink of water but he wouldn't let me go," she added.

The men rifled through a number of envelopes which contained a small amount of cash from her pension, she said.

They then fled, leaving her deeply shocked and upset.

The woman's son returned home shortly after to find his mother distressed, frightened and with a bruise on her wrist.

"I could not sleep that well after it happened," she said.

Her son said his mother had "worked hard all her life" and he condemned the attackers for their crime.

A local farmer said last night that everyone in the rural community was deeply upset and angry at the attack on the defenceless woman.

The 47-year-old man said: "It's dreadful what happened.

"She's a very quiet woman. People are very angry. There are a lot of elderly people living in this area and they are all terrified by what happened.

"There should be CCTV cameras put on rural roads to help catch whoever does these crimes.


The man's wife said that an attack like that left everyone in the community concerned for the vulnerable.

She said: "It's very unnerving what has happened to that elderly lady.

"She lives in a place that is so remote, it is like the last place that God made.

"It's terrible what has happened."


Gardaí made house-to-house inquiries yesterday throughout the rural area, asking if anyone had seen anything suspicious in the locality in the course of Wednesday night.

A community alert text was flashed to residents living throughout the area.

The pensioner is the latest elderly victim of burglary gangs in the midlands, following a number of violent break-ins.

Earlier this week, visually impaired farmer Joseph Waters (77) was hospitalised after three masked men broke into his home in the Kildangan area of Durrow.

The callous raiders beat the farmers with sticks and searched the house for cash.

In the latest violent incident, the two men entered the isolated property shortly after 6pm on Wednesday after the victim's middle-aged son had left the house to go shopping.

Detectives are probing whether a prolific burglary gang based in the area may have been behind the incident.