Cork friends reunited after 50 years at Luton and Leamington club get-together 

Cork friends reunited after 50 years at Luton and Leamington club get-together 

LUTON Celtic Club recently opened its doors to 49 members of St Patrick’s Club in Leamington Spa.

The Luton Irish Forum hosted an afternoon of music and dance with afternoon tea, while introducing the West Midlands group to the Luton community.

Tom Scanlon, Luton Irish Forum Chairman, said: “What a wonderful group visit. All of the counties in Ireland were represented, and it was a lovely opportunity to bring the community together.”

It wasn’t long into the afternoon before two ladies were reunited after having spent most of their lifetime away from home.

Born and raised in Cork City, Lillian Dorgan moved to England over 50 years ago. She is currently treasurer of the Leamington Spa Irish Tuesday Club,  and was delighted to be reunited with Kay, a former resident of her street back home who she hadn't seen for more than half a century.

Lillian told The Irish Post: “We had the most fantastic time; we were made to feel so welcome and really enjoyed the evening.

“The floor was packed all afternoon and the people from Leamington Spa are still talking about it. Luton was truly special, and the people there truly outstanding.”

Lillian first moved to England 53 years ago, but goes home every year. “Leamington is a lovely place. I love it, but manage to go home to Cork every year. But things like our visit to Luton really gives you a lift.”

Luton Irish Forum, which serves an area that includes some 6,000 Irish people, brings the community together through social events, cultural seminars and the annual St Patrick’s Festival.