‘A mini-me of his dad’ - Fans blown away by how much Pierce Brosnan’s son looks like James Bond actor

‘A mini-me of his dad’ - Fans blown away by how much Pierce Brosnan’s son looks like James Bond actor

PIERCE BROSNAN FANS have been left seeing double after the 007 actor’s wife shared a snap of their young son Paris, who bears more than a passing resemblance to his dad. 

The Brosnans recently celebrated 27 years since they first met in Mexico on the set of the James Bond outing The World Is Not Enough.  The pair went on to marry and have two sons together.  

Now living it up in Hawaii, while the couple have hinted at a return to Ireland one day, they seem pretty happy with their current surroundings. 

In the meantime, Keely Smith-Brosnan has given fans a rare glimpse inside Brosnan family life after sharing a picture of the actor’s youngest son Paris taken at a recent shoot for At Large magazine.

The Brosnan siblings are no strangers to the world of modelling, with older brother Dylan previously starring in campaigns for Burberry and St Laurent among others. 


The picture shared online by Mrs. Brosnan goes some way to explaining why, with Paris proving the spitting image of his father. 

It was a similarity not lost on Brosnan fans who flocked to social media in their droves to dissect the snap. 

“He looks like a mini-me of his dad,” one said. 

“Pierce’s doppelgänger" another added. 

“So very handsome,” a third wrote. “He is a young Pierce.” 


A fourth concurred: "Like his dad in this."

Despite their fledgling careers in modelling, neither Paris nor Dylan have yet shown an interest in following their father’s path into acting – but there is still time. 

Liam Neeson’s son, Micheál Richardson, has embarked on an acting career and recently starred alongside his dad in the road trip travel comedy Made in Italy. 

And if Paris or Dylan do change their mind, there might be a job going over at MI6...