Liam Neeson starring alongside his son in poignant comedy-drama 'Made in Italy'

Liam Neeson starring alongside his son in poignant comedy-drama 'Made in Italy'

LIAM NEESON fans have been given a first glimpse of the Taken actor alongside son Micheál Richardson in the trailer for the upcoming comedy-drama Made In Italy

The film tells the story of Robert (Neeson) an artist who travels to Italy with Jack (Richardson) his estranged son to wrap up the sale of a house they inherited from his late wife. 

Written and directed by Dunkirk actor James D’Arcy, the film takes on added poignancy in light of the real-life tragic death of Neeson’s wife Natasha Richardson after suffering a fall while skiing in Canada back in 2009. 

Micheál, who is Neeson and late wife Natasha Richardson's eldest son, opted to change his surname Richardson as a tribute to his mother, who he lost when aged just 13. 

In a previous interview with the Daily Mail, Natasha's surviving mother, actress Vanessa Redgrave, explained the decision. 

"That wasn't because he wanted to avoid his father's fame, which is enormous," she said. 

"He wanted to hold his mother close to him -- because she was a remarkable actress. Absolutely remarkable." 

Micheál previously opened up to The Sunday Times in 2015 about the profound loss and difficulties he experienced in the years after her passing. 

"In my mind, subconsciously, I either pushed it out or stored it deep inside," he said. "And so, within the next week I was like, 'Okay, on with my life.' 

"Things just started going downhill. The people I was with, we were partying a lot. It was dark. I hit rock bottom. 

"Everybody said, 'This kid has lost his mum, that's where the problem comes from.' And I was like, 'No, it isn't, I just like to party.' But looking back I realise it was a delayed reaction." 

While ostensibly a comedy-drama, Made In Italy takes on further added meaning for Neeson in the wake of his own personal tragedy – the sad death of his mother Kitty, aged 94, in Ballymena last month. 

The film is the second time Neeson and Richardson have appeared on screen together, having previously both featured in the excellent thriller Cold Pursuit, which was released last year. 

Made in Italy is due for release in US cinemas and on Video On Demand on August 7 with an Irish release is planned for later this year.