Abuse survivors claim redress fund is treating them like 'beggars'

Abuse survivors claim redress fund is treating them like 'beggars'

A GROUP OF institutional abuse survivors are to protest against a redress fund which they claim is not independent.

Survivors Who Stand Together have said that when it comes to claiming compensation from the Caranua fund they are being treated like “beggars”.

The group said in a statement: “There are many issues survivors have since the Redress agreement and these issues were never listened to.

“We survivors are taking it upon ourselves to take urgent action as we believe we are all being treated as mental patients and not survivors of abuse.

“We strongly believe we are the real majority of survivors and we feel we have been treated wrongly for far too long as to no voice in our healing, our justice and our welfare. Enough is enough.”

The group says that Ireland’s education minister Ruairí Quinn had “failed” to deliver his own commitments.

“Minister Quinn in the Ryan Report said he could help our children our children’s children and their children and has failed those words most miserably as the youngest children have been excluded from all funding.

“They have seen absolutely no funds whatsoever.”

They are to hold a protest outside Dáil Eireann on May 20 to mark the fifth anniversary of the publication of the Ryan Report (Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse 2009).