Adorable four-year-old Irish girl goes viral with heartwarming version of 'Danny Boy'

Adorable four-year-old Irish girl goes viral with heartwarming version of 'Danny Boy'

A FOUR-YEAR-OLD Irish girl has gone viral with a spellbinding rendition of the Irish classic Danny Boy

Emma Sophia cast a spell over social media with her heartwarming version of a song that has served as an anthem to the Irish diaspora for nearly a century. 

Hailing from Kinsale in Ireland, Emma Sophia’s rendition is “dedicated to everyone with Irish blood in their veins” according to the official video post on Facebook. 

The accompanying video sees the budding singer making full use of Ireland’s beautiful scenery. 

The first part of the promo sees Emma Sophia perform against the backdrop of Nohoval Cove and world-famous Old Head of Kinsale, while the second takes place in the setting of a sixth century church and graveyard on the cliffs overlooking the outer reaches of Kinsale and the star of the Wild Atlantic Way. 

Released on March 16th - a day prior to St Patrick’s Day in Ireland – to date, the video has racked up an incredible 2.5 million views, more than six thousand comments and over 27,000 reactions on Facebook. 

The video has also proved popular on YouTube, amassing 44,000 views in a matter of days. 

In the wake of the song’s success, Emma Sophia returned to social media to record a thank you message from “a very, very sunny Ireland”. 

“I just wanted to thank you so, so much for liking my video of Danny Boy,” she said. 

“I’ve been very busy with the media, I’ve been having so much fun, bye! Love you lots!” 

Danny Boy was written by English songwriter Frederic Weatherly in 1913 using the melody for the traditional Irish song Londonderry Air. 

The true meaning of Danny Boy remains open to debate. 

While some say the song is a message from a parent to a son going to a war, for others it has become more of an anthem for those leaving home as part of the Irish diaspora.