Animal whisperer claims she’s been talking to dead Irish horse The Cliffsofmoher

Animal whisperer claims she’s been talking to dead Irish horse The Cliffsofmoher

AN ANIMAL whisperer has claimed she has communicated with an Irish horse that died after a race in Australia on Tuesday.

Suzy Godsey posted a Facebook live video in which she received ‘pings’ from Irish stallion The Cliffsofmoher from the other side.

She claimed the horse told her he knew he had a problem before the Melbourne Cup and was disappointed with what happened as he wanted to be famous.

The Aiden O’Brien-trained horse was put down on the track at Flemington Racecourse after suffering a fractured shoulder.

However that didn’t stop US-based Godsey, who offers classes on communicating with animals, getting in touch with The Cliffsofmoher.

'He knew something was off'

In the biggest ‘ping’ from the horse, Godsey said: “He was aware that something was not right with his body before he got in the race; he knew that something was off.”

Godsey, who joked The Cliffsofmoher wasn’t speaking in an Irish accent but rather through the medium of energy, said the horse felt he had a lot more to give.

“Now he’s also saying that he really wasn’t done, he wanted to go on, he wanted to be way more… he thought he would be famous, and now he is,” said Godsey.

“This was not his way of becoming famous though, he had something else that he wanted to contribute as well to the world.

“He wanted also for people to really, truly receive him and it was not easy for him to be shut away from people with basically the tarp that was put around him, he did not appreciate that.

“There was something about the crowd, that he was being cut off from the crowd, and what he really wanted to give to the crowd he felt like it couldn’t be received because of the tarp.

“There is a sadness there of like ‘hey, I really have something I want to give to people’ and he senses that that wasn’t received.”


Godsey revealed she had received requests before speaking to The Cliffofmoher to ask him for any tips, but she wasn’t able to help.

Instead she challenged viewers to use the language of energy to ask the horses themselves.

She said: “What if you started asking the question yourself? Really, truly, lower your barriers, ask the horses, ‘who’s gonna win this race?’”