Anti-gay marriage leaflets shredded and sold as confetti "celebrating equality"

Anti-gay marriage leaflets shredded and sold as confetti "celebrating equality"

A DUBLIN stationer is selling wedding confetti made from recycled anti-gay marriage leaflets ahead of Ireland’s marriage equality referendum next month.

The owners at Daintree Paper claim their newest line of confetti - which cost €5 a pack - offers a great addition to all weddings, but would be particularly well placed at the nuptials of same sex couples.

“At Daintree, paper is our favourite thing in the whole world. So when paper was used to spread some ugly lies in the run up to the marriage equality referendum we weren’t one bit happy,” they explained.

“So we put our heads together and came up with a new product called ‘A Shred of Decency’ - confetti made from 100% recycled lies.”

Owners Ger and Lar Barron, who took over the business based in Dublin’s Camden Street in March 2014, are now inviting their local community to “feed their shredder” further, by bringing them any anti-gay marriage material they come across in the weeks leading up to the referendum.

“If you receive any dishonest flyers or leaflets in the run up to the referendum we want to recycle them into confetti,” they explain.

“Just drop into our little paper shop and hand the lies over to one of our lovely shop staff and we’ll create more beautiful confetti to help people celebrate marriage equality.”

They add: “And if you see any negative and dishonest tweets about the marriage referendum on twitter - we can shred these tweets for you too! Just reply to the dishonest tweet and add #shredthistweet. We will then print the tweet off and add it to the pile.

“We’ll also send a tweet to the source of the dishonesty and thank them for their very generous help in supporting YES Equality.”

Ireland will become the first country to hold a referendum on gay marriage when its citizens head to the polls on May 22.

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