Anti-mask protestors set to defy Covid-19 restrictions with Dublin rally

Anti-mask protestors set to defy Covid-19 restrictions with Dublin rally

ANTI-MASK PROTESTORS are set to take to the streets of Dublin for a second successive week this Saturday to protest Ireland’s current Covid-19 restrictions.

Demonstrators will defy the country’s Level 3 Lockdown restrictions, under which it is a criminal offence to hold an outdoor event with more than 15 people.

According to a report from the Irish Examiner, Gardaí are already gearing up for potential unrest following the scenes witnessed during last Saturday’s protest.

Demonstrators opposed to the use of mask and other measures designed to halt the spread of Covid-19, staged a sit-down protest on Grafton Street.

The protest was organised by Yellow Vest and Health Freedom Ireland  who argued that the public’s “fundamental constitutional freedoms are being eroded under the guise of a public health crisis.”

“There is no evidence for mandatory mask-wearing in a healthy population yet these mandates set a dangerous precedent for future impingements upon our freedom.”

While no arrests were made during the protest, Gardaí have warned that several far-right groups are thought too be behind plans for this weekend’s rally.

Gardaí have reportedly identified several individuals suspected of organising the rally.

Officers have also expressed concern that there could be greater unrest this weekend, given the restrictions put in place under Level 3.

Under the new rules, bars and restaurants are only allowed to offer outdoor drinking/dining for a maximum of 15 customers.

The number of people attending weddings and funerals is capped at 25 while the public has been advised to stay in their own county unless travelling for work, education or other essential services.

At present, there is no penalty in place for individuals attending the protest, making it difficult for Gardai to sanction those in attendance or make any arrests.