Badly neglected goat found dumped at the side of the road is rescued by charity

Badly neglected goat found dumped at the side of the road is rescued by charity

AN INJURED goat which was found at the side of the road in County Tipperary has been taken into the care of a local animal charity.

The goat, which was found abandoned on forestry road near Killoscully, Co Tipperary, was taken in by Limerick Animal Welfare after a tip-off from a passerby.

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According to the charity, the goat was in such bad shape when it was found that it could not even stand up: images posted by the charity shows the animals hooves have grown so much they have begun to curl in on themselves.

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As with horses and donkeys, goats' hooves must be trimmed regularly, or they can become uncomfortable to walk on, and in some severe cases-- like in this unfortunate animal-- they can completely lose the ability to walk.

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The state of the animal has led people to believe the goat was badly neglected by its previous owner, and may have been abandoned as the owner no longer wanted to care for it.

Thankfully, the gentle creature has now been taken under the wing of L.A.W, who will provide it with the care and attention it needs to recover.

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Limerick Animal Welfare have taken in some high-profile cases as of late-- in June, the charity rescued a donkey which was being attacked by a group of up to 20 people, a story which drew horror and revulsion from animal lovers.

Many horror stories have happy endings once in the care of the charity, however-- in late May, a dog which had been beaten so badly its jaw was broken was rescued by L.A.W and made a spectacular recovery.

The dog, which the charity named Emma, has since been rehomed to a loving family-- here's hoping the newly rescued goat gets a similarly happy ending.

To learn more about Limerick Animal Welfare and the work they do, you can visit the Facebook page here.