'They now have a life worth living': Two neglected and abandoned donkeys rescued in Kilkenny

'They now have a life worth living': Two neglected and abandoned donkeys rescued in Kilkenny

TWO NEGLECTED donkeys have begun their new lives in the care of an animal charity after they were rescued by Gardaí.

Last weekend, Gardaí were alerted to the presence of two donkeys being kept on 'poor land' in the town of Callan, County Kilkenny.

(Images: An Garda Síochána Kilkenny/Carlow / Facebook)

A welfare check on the animals found them to be vulnerable and neglected, with their hooves grown out to an uncomfortable length, and the Gardaí, along with the help of local animal charities, began preparing to save them.

A few days later, on Wednesday 26 August, the Gardaí returned to the area where the donkeys were being kept, and found them to still be in the same neglected  state.


The officers were supported by the Belline Donkey Sanctuary, My Lovely Horse Rescue, Kilkenny Local Authority and the Kilkenny Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (KSPCA).

With the seizure and rescue of the animals completed, Gardaí were quick to assure animal lovers across the country that "they have not been taken to the pound.

"Instead, this is the first day of their new lives as cherished creatures."

The two male donkeys are under the care of an animal charity, where it is hoped they will be fostered and eventually adopted into a loving forever home together.


"No owners are likely to come forward," a Garda spokesperson wrote on Facebook.

"hank you to everyone who has prioritised these animals' welfare over the past few days to get us to this point."

My Lovely Horse Rescue, commenting on the rescue, said it "proves that working together amazing things can happen.

"These two boys are safe now, they now have a life worth living."