Faceless 'Ireland Exit' campaign group is set up to get Ireland out of the EU following Brexit

Faceless 'Ireland Exit' campaign group is set up to get Ireland out of the EU following Brexit

A NEW campaign has been formed to get Ireland out of the European Union, in the wake of Britain's vote to leave. 

Ireland Exit was established just days after the June 23 referendum vote in the UK and maintains the "time is right" for Ireland to hold its own referendum on its continued membership of the European Union.

The Irexit website claims successive Irish governments have ceded powers to Europe without a proper mandate from the electorate under a presumption that the Irish State favours EU integration.

Ireland has twice rejected referendums on further EU integration, including the Nice and Lisbon treaties in 2001 and 2008.

When the Irish goverment failed to secrure the result they wanted, both referenda were put to the Irish people again and second time around both the Nice and Lisbon treaties were ratified.

Ireland Exit points to this as an example of a "serious disconnect" between the views of ordinary people throughout the Republic of Ireland on the EU and that of the political establishment.

According to an opinion poll taken before the June 23 referendum, more than three-quarters of Irish people believe Ireland should stay in the EU regardless of Britain’s future in the union.

The survey, conducted by European Movement Ireland and Red C, also found that the vast majority – 84 per cent – believe that Ireland has benefited from its EU membership.

It remains unclear who is behind the ​new campaign and what financial backing it has received but the website suggests details of a campaign team will be announced shortly at a major national meeting.

The website's Facebook page has received 700 likes since July 7.

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