Brexodus: Record growth in number of UK jobseekers looking for work in Ireland

Brexodus: Record growth in number of UK jobseekers looking for work in Ireland

THERE has been an unprecedented rise in the number of UK jobseekers applying for roles in Ireland over the last year, according to new Brexit-related figures.

The recruitment website found that UK-based applicants for Irish positions surged by over a third (34%) in 2018 when compared to the year before.

The IT sector saw the biggest rise with a 47% increase in UK jobseekers looking for work across the Irish Sea – while construction, architecture and public sector applicants also grew in number significantly.

"As the Brexit deadline draws closer, Ireland is seeing a huge influx of investment from UK and multinational companies seeking to relocate or expand in Ireland," said Safann MacCarthy, Marketing Director at

"2018 marks the highest increase we’ve seen in UK applications for Irish-based roles and the current political climate indicates that this growth is set to continue into 2019.

"Ireland offers stability, well-paid jobs, a world-renowned education system and access to the EU. These are attractive traits for mobile professionals."



The record growth follows a significant surge in the number of major multinational firms relocating their headquarters to Ireland or expanding their existing Irish operations.

According to figures published by the foreign direct investment agency IDA Ireland earlier this month, there were 55 significant Brexit-related investments made by multinationals in Ireland last year – creating over 4,500 new jobs.

Barclays is one of several corporations that have expanded their Irish operations in the face of a potential hard Brexit – having began to move direct ownership of its French, German and Spanish branches from a UK-based entity to its new Irish headquarters last summer.

Meanwhile, French insurance group AXA announced its intention earlier this month to relocate a significant number of its senior UK staff to Dublin this year.