Brilliant photo of Irishman braving elements and restrictions to enjoy pint of Guinness goes viral

Brilliant photo of Irishman braving elements and restrictions to enjoy pint of Guinness goes viral

A PHOTO of an intrepid Irishman braving the elements to enjoy a pint of Guinness has gone viral. 

Not only did he have the weather to contend with, but also Dublin's strict new coronavirus restrictions.

Taken outside The Dame Tavern in the Irish capital, it captures the unnamed man, wrapped in a blanket, leafing through a newspaper, with a half-drunk pint of the black stuff by his side. 

The photo was snapped by Twitter user Damian or @dublin_damo, who came across the striking tableau first-hand and simple had to share it with others online. 

Dublin pint men are a resilient bunch,” he wrote alongside the picture. 


The image struck a chord with many, coming at a time when Dublin and pubs in the capital face renewed restrictions following an uptick in coronavirus case numbers. 

Under the new rules, pubs are only allowed to accommodate customers willing to sit outside and in limited numbers. 

That didn’t put off this particular pintman – an Irish term given to a habitual drinker renowned for their ability to sniff out a pint or two. 

Undaunted by the cold temperatures or bracing winds, this particular Guinness lover simply wrapped himself in a blanket and got on with doing what he wanted to do. 

The picture struck a chord with many online, who were quick to comment on Damian’s brilliant picture. 


Hell yep! Young wans these days are too soft,” one replied. 

"Fact is, we should all b prepared to sit outside restaurants throughout mild Autumn&Spring. Winter too if there is no ice/snow. For the economy! Outdoor heaters!” 

“I sat in there twisted one Monday doing the crossword in the Irish Times with that lad,” another claimed. 

One of Crumlin's greatest pintmen,” a third added. 

“He only mentioned to me yesterday that had a few outside the Dame. Will be laughin at this.” 

The image comes hot on the heels of another striking tableau of life for many returning to Ireland’s pubs. 

In the previous instance, an older gentleman was pictured using a timer to make sure he finished his pint in time to get home for the evening news.