Britain and Ireland to be bitterly cold as 'Beast from the East' brings snow

Britain and Ireland to be bitterly cold as 'Beast from the East' brings snow

IF you've been getting ready to pack away those winter woolies in preparation for spring, think again.

Britain and Ireland can expect it to be bitterly cold over the weekend and into next week.

In what's being described as the 'Beast from the East' on social media, very cold air will spread from western Russia towards the UK.

Monday is expected to be the the start of the coldest spell of winter yet.

What is the Beast from the East?


Met Office Deputy Chief Meteorologist, Brent Walker said: “Whilst a major widespread snow event is currently not expected, some parts of Southeast England could have the first significant spell of snow so far this winter during next week.

"Indeed, there is potential for this cold spell to be the coldest for several years in the south."

In Ireland, weather experts have said it will turn progressively colder from Tuesday onwards.

"By Thursday it is likely that it will be become exceptionally cold and day time temperatures may hover just around freezing or even below freezing in some places with widespread severe frost at night," Met Eireann added.

In Britain snow showers are expected to develop, particularly across eastern and southern England.


"Some places could see some significant amounts of snow," the Met Office added saying the first week of march is likely to feel distinctly wintry.

In Ireland on Sunday night temperatures will fall to between -3 and zero degrees with widespread sharp to severe frost.

"It will be very cold on Monday night with a severe frost and the risk of wintry showers along northern and eastern coasts in moderate northeasterly winds."

Wrap up!