British Tory MP mocked after getting 'facts' about Ireland unbelievably wrong on live TV

British Tory MP mocked after getting 'facts' about Ireland unbelievably wrong on live TV

REMEMBER Enda Kelly? You know – the former Taoiseach of Northern Ireland? We neither.

Tory MP Bernard Jenkin appeared on Sky News last night to discuss the Irish border issue, and some of his ‘facts’ about the Emerald Isle weren’t exactly correct… whatsoever.

The British politician has come in for some serious flak on social media following his embarrassing live appearance, and we can certainly see why.

“If you listen to Bertie Ahern, if you listen to Enda Kelly – these are two former Taoiseachs, Prime Ministers of Northern Ireland,” Mr Jenkin said.

“They haven’t quite played ball like the present Irish Prime Minister”.


Yes, you heard that correctly.

There are so many things wrong with the above that we’re not quite sure where to start – but luckily, Twitter didn’t disappoint.

Eoin O’Callaghan wrote: “Pretty staggering to think you can make so many glaring, humiliating errors in just 17 seconds”.

Alan Regan half-joked: “The British government should maybe call it a night, look up Northern Ireland on Wikipedia or something, then get some sleep. No point embarrassing themselves any further today”.

While an understandably infuriated Ben Hemmers added: "Proof that nobody in the UK govt party knows sh** about Ireland. This is beyond a joke. What is anyone with this level of ignorance doing in Parliament?"


It might’ve been funny if Bernard Jenkin MP wasn’t an elected member of the actual party negotiating one of the biggest political deals in both Irish and Northern Irish history. Or not.


Edna Kelly, we need you now more than ever.