Charity helps 2,000 Irish women seeking abortions in Britain

Charity helps 2,000 Irish women seeking abortions in Britain

A SERVICE providing funding for Irish women forced to seek abortions in Britain has now helped 2,000 clients, it announced this week.

Set up by London-based American Mara Clarke in 2009, the Abortion Support Network offers finance and advice to the many women from across the island of Ireland who head to Britain to terminate unwanted pregnancies every year.

“This week, we heard from our 2000th person seeking our mix of confidential, practical advice, financial support and accommodation,” the organisation revealed as they published their 2014 annual report.

The small charity, which is run largely by volunteers and relies on donations to support their service, added: “Our ability to help these women, men and families to choose when to have children or add to their existing families is only made possible by our supporters.

“So whether you’ve donated a fiver or more, forwarded one of our newsletters to a friend, talked about abortion down at the pub, opened your home to an abortion traveller, sent a message of support, engaged in a little civil disobedience, or mentioned us on Twitter, you are the driving force behind ASN’s ability to do this vital work.”

The organisation has also been selected as one of the five Mumsnet Giving Week Charities - an annual initiative where the parenting website commits to matching all funding made to their chosen charities over a seven day period.

“We are thrilled to have been selected as one of five Mumsnet Giving Week Charities, which means that we will be featured on the Mumsnet website this week and any donations made will be matched - up to £25,000,” the ASN explained.

“In honour of our 2000 client milestone, our target is to reach £2000 in donations this week – which would be £4000 to us.”

Mumsnet Giving Week runs from June 8-14. For further information click here