Conor McGregor donates €12,000 towards Dublin toddler's life-changing medical treatment

Conor McGregor donates €12,000 towards Dublin toddler's life-changing medical treatment

CONOR MCGREGOR has donated €12,000 towards life-changing medical treatment for a one-year-old girl born with a rare genetic condition.

Earlier this year, Evie was diagnosed with a condition known as microcephaly with pontine cerebellar hypoplasia, and a mutation in her CASK gene.

Essentially missing a large part of her X-chromosome, the condition can impact the development of the brain, causing issues like seizures, developmental delays and other intellectual disabilities.

A relatively unknown condition on Irish shores, Evie’s parents have been raising money ever since discovering that there are doctors in the US exploring the role of the CASK gene.

More than €100,000 has been raised by Hope For Evie, a special fund raising money to pay for her specialist treatment in the US.


According to the Irish Mirror, a fundraiser for the Hope For Evie campaign was held at Crumlin Boxing Club with McGregor auctioning off a signed pair of gloves.

The event raised €12,000 but, in an commendable gesture, McGregor agreed to match the figure, helping the Hope For Evie fund hit its €100,000 target.

Evie's mum Emma Nolan dismissed any suggestion McGregor had made the donation as part of a carefully managed PR exercise.

There had been some suggestions the donation as designed to combat the negative press surrounding the fighter following an alleged attack on a man in a Dublin pub.

Emma rebuffed any suggestion of this though.

"It was not by any means a publicity stunt from McGregor as he did not even what to be mentioned,” she told The Irish Mirror.


“We can’t thank Conor enough for helping our little girl.”

The story comes just days after McGregor suggested the purse generation for his next fight in the UFC go to charity.

If you would like to donate to the Hope For Evie campaign, you can do so here.