Conor McGregor films himself eating jar full of dead bees - and almost immediately regrets it

Conor McGregor films himself eating jar full of dead bees - and almost immediately regrets it

CONOR MCGREGOR has left fans confused and a little concerned for his safety after filming himself eating dead bees during self-isolation. 

While the Irishman is no stranger to controversy, his latest stunt may have some wondering if the rigours of life in lockdown have started to get to him. 

In a video posted on Instagram, McGregor is handed a jar of dead bees by someone off camera. 

He proceeds to accidentally drop the container on his chest before quickly scooping up the contents. 

“Are you sure they're not wasps? Wasps are no good, just bees?” he asks a companion off camera. 

“Just eat them like jellies? What do they taste like? You can see the honey coming out of the back of them, look.” 

Oh, my Lord what the f*** is this?”, he can then be heard saying as he holds one in the palm of his hand seconds before eating it. 

Popping one of the insects in his mouth, McGregor begins to chew. 

But, judging by the grimace on his face in the seconds that follow before the clip ends, it’s clearly a decision he ended up regretting. 

The footage has sparked concern among McGregor’s loyal online following. 

Conor McGregor is on the Instagram platform eating bees — BEES — out of a jar,” one fan wrote. 

“Yeah, we gotta get this man a fight on that island, pronto.” 

Another said: “I just watched an insta story of Conor McGregor eating a jar of dead bees and I swear that’s me done with 2020.” 

Whether it’s all part of some intense new fitness regime or diet remains to be seen but McGregor may deserve a little slack. 

The Irishman has been putting his money where his mouth is over the past few months after donating €1 million of PPE to Ireland’s fight against coronavirus as well as paying for essential equipment at Crumlin Children’s Hospital. 

So give the man all the dead bees he wants! 

Just don’t try this at home, kids.