Disturbing new footage of post-match assault on Conor McGregor surfaces

Disturbing new footage of post-match assault on Conor McGregor surfaces

UNSETTLING FOOTAGE of Conor McGregor coming under attack from Khabib Nurmagomedov's entourage has surfaced online.

The Russian's fourth-round victory over McGregor was overshadowed by what unfolded after the match, with Nurmagomedov launching himself out of the Octagon and in the direction of the Irishman's team.

The most disturbing scenes were unfolding in the ring though, where McGregor found himself under attack from three of the Russian's team.

Though McGregor may have instigated things by throwing a punch at one of Nurmagomedov's crew, what followed was brutal, to say the least.

Now new footage of the incident, filmed from a different angle, has highlighted the barrage of punches the Irishman faced in the ensuing melee.

Though McGregor gives a decent account of himself, he's outnumbered and facing attacks from all angles.


It's an incident that has left the UFC world shocked and serves as a wholly negative reflection of the sport.

Zubaira Tukhugov, a member of Khabib Nurmagomedov's team, has already taken to social media to brag about his central role in the attack, which followed weeks and weeks of mockery at the hands of McGregor.

"I slapped him as promised. I promised to make him answer for his words and I did," Tukhugov said in a video posted on social media, according to the translation of journalist Karim Zidan.

Despite the devastating post-match assault, the Irishman appeared nonplussed on Twitter, taking to the social media platform to begin talking up a rematch between the pair.

Though far from the confirmed, the success of the fight coupled with McGregor's status as the biggest name in the sport suggests a reunion is more than likely.