Cork man sentenced in England for controlling and coercive behaviour despite fleeing country

Cork man sentenced in England for controlling and coercive behaviour despite fleeing country

A MAN now residing in Cork has been sentenced in England for assault occasioning actual bodily harm and controlling and coercive behaviour against a woman.

John Barry Finbar Keniry — known as 'Barry' — was found guilty in his absence following a trial at York Magistrates' Court on June 14 last year.

The 43-year-old, now living in Killeagh, Co. Cork, Ireland, absconded from Britain having been arrested on April 11, 2020 and released on conditional bail.

At a hearing held by arrangement at Bolton Crown Court on Friday, July 8, Keniry was handed a 20-month prison sentence, suspended for two years

Keniry, a former resident of Middleham, North Yorkshire, was also made the subject of an indefinite restraining order at the hearing,

"Keniry has finally been sentenced following a protracted investigation which was frustrated by him breaching bail conditions and absconding from the country, during which time he was found guilty in his absence," said PC Alex Saggers, who led the investigation.

Emotional abuse

The court heard how the assault occasioning actual bodily harm occurred at an address on North Road, Middleham, North Yorkshire, on April 11, 2020.

The victim said Keniry had grasped her around the throat which cause reddening to her skin.

She also had an injury to her nose.

The controlling and coercive behaviour occurred at the same address from July 1, 2016.

Keniry repeatedly used emotional abuse and controlled the victim's work and social life which had a serious effect on her.

'Toxic and destructive behaviour'

As part of his restraining order, Keniry must not contact the victim by any means, including via electronic communication and social media, unless it is through a solicitor

He is also not permitted to go within 100 metres of any property he knows the victim to be resident at.

"If he fails to abide by the restraining order and commits further offences in the next two years, Keniry will have to serve the 20-month custodial sentence that has been suspended," added PG Saggers.

"This has been a greatly difficult and upsetting time for the victim, and I hope she can now begin to rebuild her life.

"No-one should have to put up with such toxic and destructive behaviour in relationships.

"Help and support is readily available to victims of domestic abuse and controlling and coercive behaviour. Please don't suffer in silence."