DNA test reveals Conor McGregor is not the father of 1-year-old girl in Liverpool

DNA test reveals Conor McGregor is not the father of 1-year-old girl in Liverpool

MMA STAR Conor McGregor has been proven not to be the father of a one-year-old girl in Liverpool, after a DNA test showed there was "zero probability" the two were related.

A DNA test seen by The Irish Independent has cleared McGregor of accusations that he fathered a child with Liverpudlian Terri Murray when he attended the Aintree Grand National Festival in 2017.

Baby Clodagh Murray, who will be two in January, has now been "practically proven" not to be the daughter of the millionaire sports star, following two years of accusations from mother Terri that she and McGregor had had sex on two separate occasions when the sports star visited the city.


Murray had alleged that the affair took place a month before the birth of McGregor's first child with partner Dee Devlin.

The Dubliner accepted that he had been in the company of Terri Murray after a photograph of the pair together surfaced, but has always maintained that there were no sexual relations between them.

McGregor eventually agreed to the DNA test which Murray had pushed for.

Swabs of the inside of both his and Clodagh Murray's mouths were taken, and as reported by The Independent, the biological markers which would have proved he was the father of Clodagh were not present.

Over the past two years Murray has made several high-profile claims that McGregor is the father of her child, and regularly referenced the MMA fighter on instagram posts-- such as when she posted a video of Clodagh falling on a trampoline with the caption "she's like her dad, she can't stay on her feet".


Previously, comments on her instagram page have been full of people making reference to McGregor and the allegations he was the father of 1-year-old Clodagh, but now any mention of the sports star have disappeared.