Donald Trump 'made 30,573 false claims' during his 4 years as US President

Donald Trump 'made 30,573 false claims' during his 4 years as US President

DONALD TRUMP made over 30,000 false claims while serving as President of the United States, according to the Washington Post.

One of Trump's most consistent criticisms throughout his stint as leader of the free world is that he sometimes ... bends the truth.

He's been accused of exaggerating it, massaging it, and simply outright lying.

In response, a number of media outlets - the Washington Post included - have created 'fact-checking' systems, to provide the public with relevant information and to allow them the opportunity to know if Trump's words and claims are accurate.

It was a tactic first used by Hilary Clinton during her 2016 presidential campaign, not that it particularly worked for her.

But according to the Washington Post - who don't exactly try and hide their dislike of Trump, it must be said - the former president made 30,573 'false or misleading claims' during his memorable term in office.

That's 21 lies every single day.

Mind-boggling though that statistic may be, after four years it isn't all that surprising. Trump has completely altered the notion of what is expected of an American president.

He threw nuance to the wind, redefined the word 'deflecting' and created a pantomime-like political narrative for his supporters - and indeed his critics - to follow, the likes of which the US have never seen before.

He's been the furthest thing from 'presidential', for better or for worse.

During his years in office, as well as for a number of months preceding it - he waged something of a war against the concept of 'fake news'.

The phrase - which he coined himself - has since fallen into mainstream use, and is as common an expression as 'hang in there' or 'a piece of cake'.

What it's done, sadly, is create and encourage an atmosphere not only of distrust of the media, but also one of social scepticism and uncertainty about what has actually happened in the world.

Suddenly any news article you don't like can be slapped with the label 'fake news', which carries with it a kind of bizarre faux legitimacy, and as history has taught us, where proof is doubted and the media becomes your enemy, anarchy always follows.

Whether you believe that Trump is a serial liar or not, it's remarkable to think that a credible American news outlet could even count 30,000 potential lies, but this is the world we live in now.

Delicious madness.