Donald Trump once again promotes unproven Covid-19 drug hydroxychloroquine

Donald Trump once again promotes unproven Covid-19 drug hydroxychloroquine

DONALD TRUMP has yet again come out to defend his use of the unproven coronavirus drug hydroxychloroquine.

The President contradicted his own health officials once more by promoting the medicine, which is typically used to treat malaria.

He argued that it had only been rejected as a treatment for Covid-19 because he had suggested it.

Trump said on Tuesday: "Many doctors think it is extremely successful. The hydroxychloroquine coupled with the z-pack. And some people think it's become political. I took it for a 14-day period. And I'm here.

"I think it works in the early stages. I think front line medical people believe that too. Some. Many. So we'll take a look at it."


Trump's remarks came shortly after Twitter banned his eldest son for posting a clip promoting the drug.

Donald Jr was prevented from posting for 12 hours after violating Twitter's Covid-19 misinformation rules by retweeting a video which promoted the benefits of using hydroxychloroquine.

While some claim that the drug can work in a preventative, there's no hard evidence that it does actually treat coronavirus, and leading health experts warn that the untested drug could cause adverse long-term health issues.

Last week, a team of Irish scientists backed up Mr Trump's claims that hydroxychloroquine was an effective treatment for coronavirus, arguing that if inhaled - rather than ingested - it can be seen to work.