Dublin ranked among the top 5 most cultural cities in Europe according to TripAdvisor

Dublin ranked among the top 5 most cultural cities in Europe according to TripAdvisor

WHEN IT comes to enjoying cultural trips abroad, it doesn’t get much better than Dublin.

Further proof of that has been provided as part of newly-published research which confirms Dublin’s status among Europe’s top five most cultural cities.

Pullman Hotels conducted a study of some 31 major cities from across the continent to try and determine the ultimate destinations for the more culturally-minded among us.

Using data gleaned from TripAdvisor they were able to identify the cities offering the widest array of cultural attractions.

They then compared the number of attractions to the overall size of each city in order to determine an attractions per km2 figure – essential knowledge for anyone wanting to squeeze as much into their trip as possible.

Dublin ranked as the fifth most cultural city in Europe in the study, with 5.3 cultural attractions per km2.

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The Irish capital’s standing was bolstered by a proud literary heritage, which includes the likes of Oscar Wilde, James Joyce, William Butler Yeats, George Bernard Shaw and more.

Dublin also ranked among the top 10 best cities in Europe across seven distinctive categories: Museums & Galleries (6th), Monuments & Statues (5th), Historical sites (4th), Religious sites (5th), Points of interest (6th), Parks & Nature (3rd) and Entertainment (4th).

Home to the Louvre, Notre-Dame and the Eiffel Tower, Paris topped the list as the cultural capital of Europe, with an incredible 20.5 cultural attractions per km2.

Paris also came out on top for five out of the seven different categories studied.

From breath-taking architecture and fascinating ancient ruins to world-renowned galleries and museums, the full list of Europe's cultural capitals can be read below: