Dublin waxwork of Daenerys Targaryen disappoints Game of Thrones fans

Dublin waxwork of Daenerys Targaryen disappoints Game of Thrones fans

GAME OF Thrones fans have been left stunned by the latest addition to the Dublin Waxworks Museum – but it’s for all the wrong reasons.

Eager to pay tribute to a series that has brought so much to the Emerald Isle, the museum opted to immortalise one of the show’s main characters in waxwork form.

The result is this rather distinctive wax model of Emilia Clarke’s Daenerys Targaryen.

Plans for the waxwork have been a closely guarded secret for much of the past few weeks however it would appear some Game of Thrones fans have been left wholly unimpressed with the results.

Taking to Instagram, several disgruntled Game of Thrones fans have commented on an image of the waxwork, shared by Dublin Waxworks Museum, with disparaging remarks.



“Looks more like Jon Snow,” one said.

“Have you had a transition year student in or something?” another asked.

A third declared: “This must be a joke!”

“Well this is comical,” someone else quipped.


“Wow, maybe when she is about 50 years of age this would resemble her,” another fan said.

One said: “God, this is beyond dreadful. How it get approved?”

The harshest insult came elsewhere though, with the comment: “This looks like Katie Hopkins after a night out , what did they do to my dragon queen?”

Laoise Keaveney, who works with the National Wax Museum Plus, spoke to FM104 about the new addition.

"It's our first wax work this year and we're delighted to add an extra woman to the museum," she said.

"Game of Thrones obviously is huge in Ireland and it's filmed in Ireland and we thought the best thing is to add a woman from Game of Thrones to the museum.


"She stands in our grand hall of fame now."

A more terrifying sight that the Night King.