Dublin Zoo welcomes two adorable penguin chicks to the family

Dublin Zoo welcomes two adorable penguin chicks to the family

THIS WILL put a pen-grin on your face.

While Dublin Zoo has been closed for a number of weeks due to social distancing restrictions, life is going on as usual behind the closed doors.

And the Zoo family has just gotten a little bigger with the announcement that two ridiculously cute penguin chicks have just hatched!

The as-yet unnamed chicks hatched at the end of March and beginning of April (Dublin Zoo / Instagram)

The Zoo made the announcement under the headline 'The One with the Penguin Chicks'-- and if that title seems a little confusing at first, all becomes clear when you realise that one of the chicks was born to penguin couple Monica and Joey.

The little Humboldt chick hatched on 29 March, with a second chick following on 3 April to parents Magdalena and Patrick-- decisively less modern names than those named after the iconic comedy.

The two new arrivals means that Dublin Zoo's penguin colony family has now grown to 16, and the Zoo's social media spokesperson hinted that well-wishers could be able to catch a glimpse of the babies on the zoo's webcam feature. (You can read more about that here!)

There are only a few questions left-- firstly, what the chicks will be named.

Dublin Zoo regularly hosts naming competitions for their new arrivals, with prizes for the winners, so if you think the chicks should be named Rachel, Ross, Phoebe or Chandler, watch this space!

The second questions is when social distancing measures will be lifted so we can visit these adorable babies in person!