'Footprints found' in search for Nora Quoirin close to where the teenager was last seen

'Footprints found' in search for Nora Quoirin close to where the teenager was last seen

THE SEARCH for missing teenager Nóra Quoirin is continuing following the discovery of footprints in the area near where she disappeared.

Media outlets are reporting that day six of the search has revealed footprints, thanks in part to the assistance of over 200 searchers and sniffer dogs.

It is so far unclear whether the footprints are that of the missing 15-year-old, someone involved in her disappearance, or unrelated to the investigation.

The discovery comes after Malaysian police confirmed they were analysing fingerprints found on the window of the room Nóra had been sleeping in when she vanished.

It is now almost a week since the teenager, who is vulnerable and has special needs, was last seen.

Police are still convinced she wandered into the jungle of her own accord, but have admitted they are exploring the possibility of an abduction, and today confirmed they are tracing phone and email records of staff in the resort the Quoirin family were staying.

A recording of Nóra’s mother Meabh is being played over speakers through the jungle in an attempt to draw Nóra out in case she is afraid and in hiding.

The message calls out: “Nora darling, I love you. Mum is here.”

Worryingly, rescuers are reported to have said that an able-bodied, neurotypical person would find it difficult to survive in the Malaysian jungle after being lost for six days.

The search continues.