Gardaí arrest two men following alleged illegal sulky race on national road

Gardaí arrest two men following alleged illegal sulky race on national road

TWO MEN have been arrested following an alleged illegal sulky race in County Limerick.

Gardaí arrested two men and seized two vehicles for alleged dangerous driving after a sulky race was apparently held on the N24 on Saturday morning.

According to The Limerick Leader, Gardaí were present on the N24 Tipperary Road at 8am on Saturday when they noticed a group of vehicles, horses and sulkys involved in what Gardaí believed to be an illegal sulky race.

A sulky race on an Irish road, unrelated to the newest incident (Source: Youtube)

The officers approached the vehicles involved, but upon noticing the Gardaí two of the vehicles drove off at high speed.

Gardaí gave chase at a safe distance, and both vehicles drove through the town of Caherconlish at a dangerous speed.

The drivers of these vehicles, both men aged in their 30s, were later arrested in Caherconlish and brought to Roxboro Garda Station where they were detained under Section 4 of the Criminal Justice Act of 1984.

Superintendent Dermot O'Connor told The Limerick Leader:

"Gardaí in Limerick city have been particularly vigilant in relation to horses not being kept under proper control or where they are being neglected or mistreated.

"Sulky racing on a public road is illegal and is dangerous to all road users and can put the horses under tremendous strain. Gardaí will investigate all incidents of endangerment, illegal sulky racing and where animals are being mistreated”

The vehicles and people who remained at the scene on the N24 Tipperary Road were spoken to by Gardaí and an investigation into the alleged sulky race is ongoing.