Gardaí issue nationwide alert as 'homicidal teenager' released

Gardaí issue nationwide alert as 'homicidal teenager' released

AN GARDA Síochána have issued a nationwide alert as a homicidal teenager has been released into the community.

According to a Garda bulletin seen by The Irish Independent, an 18-year-old girl, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, was released from a secure unit for children yesterday after a High Court ruled there was no legal basis to continue her detention.

The teenager, who suffers from a personality disorder, has repeatedly expressed desires to rape and murder, and had threatened to murder her mother on numerous occasions.

Gardaí across Ireland have been issued with a photograph and details of the teenager, as it is unclear where in the country the girl would go once she was released, and officers have been warned that she is a danger to the public.

While a High Court order prohibits the identification of the girl or specific details of her case, it is understood that she is thought to be a danger to women, and her mother has fled her home and moved to a different part of the country following safety advice from Gardaí.

She had previously told her guardian that she planned to find her mother's address, break in and kill her-- she has previously been convicted of sexually assaulting two women and threatening to kill a third.

The teenage girl is known to have had a traumatic childhood and has been in the care of the State for much of her life.

According to The Irish Independent, despite her homicidal threats and personality disorder, she is not qualified for detention under the Mental Health Act as she was found to be capable of making decisions.

She also refused to voluntarily enter a non-secure unit.