Gardai stop van driver found playing saxophone on the motorway

Gardai stop van driver found playing saxophone on the motorway

THERE ARE few sounds sweeter than the dulcet tones of a well-played saxophone.

But just because saxophones stand tall as the unrivalled musical instrument of love doesn’t mean they should be brandished willy-nilly.

As with any musical accompaniment, there is a time and a place for such sweet music – and it definitely isn’t on the hard shoulder of the M50 Motorway.

That didn’t stop one driver from pulling over to enjoy a Careless Whisper or two.

The motorist may have even taken a little trip down to Gerry Rafferty’s Baker Street – his choice of saxophone solo is at yet unknown.

What is known, however, is that his efforts didn’t go down too well with the Gardai who came across his parked van and decided to investigate.

Though they were relieved to find that the driver wasn’t up to something a little more nefarious, his choice of location for an impromptu sax session wasn’t a good one.

Thankfully the Gardai (sort of) saw the funny side.

"We’ve heard of musicians going ‘on the road’..." they wrote on Twitter, tongue firmly in cheek..

"M50 Motorway patrol stopped to check out a van parked on hard shoulder only to find the driver sitting inside playing saxophone!"

"Never stop on motorways except in emergencies or when instructed by Gardaí or Emergency Services."

A Careless Whisper from a careless driver.