Ghostbusted! Buzzfeed ‘proves’ Irish school’s poltergeist ghost video is a hoax

Ghostbusted! Buzzfeed ‘proves’ Irish school’s poltergeist ghost video is a hoax

DIGITAL media site Buzzfeed believes it has proved an Irish school’s poltergeist video is a hoax.

With Halloween approaching, Deerpark CBS in Cork made headlines earlier this month after posting security footage showing locker doors opening by themselves and objects being tipped over.

The creepy 3am video has since been viewed over 12million times and been covered by news outlets around the world.

Some commenters claim it is proof of the existence of spirits, while others reckon it’s merely the work of computer effects.

The video has even reached media giants Buzzfeed, however they are firmly in the sceptics’ camp, having posted a damning takedown of the spooky clip.

Titled I Can Prove This Ghost Caught On Tape Is A Hoax, the video on Buzzfeed Blue's YouTube channel – itself popular for its spooky Unsolved investigative series – dissects the original video.

“I think it’s b******* and here’s why,” explains the host ­– and to be fair, his argument is pretty compelling.

Citing the school’s previous mannequin challenge video as evidence it isn’t averse to trying to make a viral hit, as well as comparing differences in the school’s layout in both videos, he goes on to provide a forensic examination of the original footage.

Check out his counterargument in full below.

To be fair to Deerpark, they did caption their video ‘Prank or poltergeist?’ and even the Buzzfeed journalist gave them a tip of the hat for their efforts.

“Nice try Deerpark, you made a solid video, but you’re gonna have to try harder next time if you want to get something past me!”

What do you think now? Haunting or hoax?