Greenpeace protestors interrupt Prime Minister's speech at Tory party conference

Greenpeace protestors interrupt Prime Minister's speech at Tory party conference

PRIME MINISTER Liz Truss' first speech to the Conservative party conference was disrupted today by protestors holding banners reading "Who voted for this?".

Two women stood up holding a banner with the Greenpeace logo on it and started shouting over Truss' speech.

The Prime Minister then paused her speech and said "let's get them removed" as others applauded and attempted to remove the banner from the women.

Once the banner was removed from the women, they quickly unveiled a second with the same message.

They were then quickly escorted from the hall by security.

Greenpeace confirmed that its activists were responsible for the protest during the speech.

“Later on in my speech, I’m going to talk about the anti-growth coalition, but I think they arrived in the hall too early. We’ll get onto them in a few minutes,” Truss said.

Greenpeace responded by tweeted a video criticising the PM for the pound hitting an all-time low in recent weeks.


The remainder of the Prime Minister's speech focused on a promise to break Britain out of a "high-tax, low-growth cycle."

Truss told the Tory Party’s annual gathering:

“Conference, it’s wrong to invest only in places which are thriving, as economic models often have it.

“We need to fund the furthest behind first. For too long the political debate has been dominated by the argument about how we distribute a limited economic pie,” Truss said.

“That is why I am determined to take a new approach and break us out of this high-tax, low-growth cycle.

“That is what our plan is about. It’s about getting our economy growing and rebuilding Britain through reform.”