History made as Australian Embassy in Ireland flies Aboriginal flag alongside national flag

History made as Australian Embassy in Ireland flies Aboriginal flag alongside national flag

THE AUSTRALIAN Embassy in Ireland has made history today by hoisting the Aboriginal flag alongside their national flag outside the building.

It's the very first time that the flag, which features a black upper half, red lower half and a central golden circle, has been officially flown in conjunction with the Aussie national flag.

After consultation with the Australian Government, the two flags will now both be permanent fixtures outside the embassy's headquarters on St. Stephen's Green in Dublin.

The two flags were hoisted together as part of a digital ceremony on Friday celebrating Australian Aboriginal people living in Ireland.

The decision was lauded by Irish President Michael D. Higgins.

Aboriginal Australian virtual flag raising ceremony.

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Posted by Australian Embassy, Ireland on Thursday, March 4, 2021

Australia’s Ambassador to Ireland Gary Gray said in a statement: "The acknowledgement of the historic and unique connection which Australian Aboriginal people have to the land and culture of our nation is utterly appropriate.

"Though the flag has been flown from buildings in Australia and on specific dates elsewhere, the embassy in Dublin is among the first international posts to take the decision whereby the flag will fly with the Australian national flag all year round.

"As with many countries around the world, some of Australia’s early history can be difficult to reconcile with the modern and open nation we have become today.

"Because of this, it was important to us to that the ceremony was both respectful and culturally sensitive as well as Covid-compliant.

"Working with the Aboriginal community here, as well as our Minister Ken Wyatt, we are extremely proud to be able to recognise an integral part of Australia’s history and do our part in moving those conversations forward in a purposeful and thoughtful manner."

The Aboriginal flag consists of a red lower half, which represents the red earth of Australia, while the upper black section is representative of Australia’s Aboriginal people. It's topped off by the central gold circle, symbolising the sun - the protector and giver of life.