Ireland amongst 10 safest countries to be in if World War 3 breaks out

Ireland amongst 10 safest countries to be in if World War 3 breaks out

ACCORDING to a report from the Global Peace Index 2017, Ireland is one of the 10 safest countries to be in if another World War were to break out.

The Global Peace Index is a comprehensive analysis on the state of peace in the world.

This year’s report indicates that the world has become significantly less peaceful over the last decade, and considering recent tensions between the United States and North Korea, the possibility of another war has risen in recent years.

Ireland’s perceived safety is primarily based on the country’s consistent stance of military neutrality since 1930.

Ireland jumped from the twelfth to the tenth spot on the list this year, scoring 1.408 on the peace index for low political instability and political terror and for its U.N. peacekeeping funding.

Topping the list is Iceland with an overall score of 1.111 based on its low number of homicides, number of people in jail and terror acts. So, if another world war breaks out tomorrow, Iceland is the safest place to be.

Amongst the other countries on the list are Switzerland, Slovenia, Denmark and Canada.

Here’s the top 10 safest countries list in full:

  1. Ireland
    9. Switzerland
    8. Slovenia
    7. Fiji
    6. Denmark
    5. Austria
    4. Portugal
    3. New Zealand
    2. Canada
    1. Iceland

The report also highlighted the countries that were most at risk of terrorism and those at risk of the expansion of terrorism.