Ireland braced for post lockdown baby boom

Ireland braced for post lockdown baby boom

IRELAND LOOKS set for a post-lockdown baby boom. 

That’s according to the Director of Midwifery at the National Maternity Hospital which has reported a surge in the number of women registering pregnancies. 

Mary Brosnan is predicting a 10% increase in number of births at the hospital this coming January compared with the same time last year. 

However, the Director of Midwifery at Holles Street says it's difficult to know for sure if the rise can be entirely attributed to the Covid lockdown. 

"It's very much an interesting phenomenon for people predicting," she told FM104. 

"Any time there is a big event people kind of predict nine months later, and think will that be related to Covid.” 


“We can see from our bookings for January that we are quite busy,” she added. 

“If you compare last January to this January, 2021 coming, it looks like we will certainly be up 10 percent on that month.” 

"Certainly, from March, April we are expecting next January and February to be quite busy." 

That figure also amounts to a 20% rise in sleepless nights among adults, of course.