Is Ireland looking at a white Christmas this year?

Is Ireland looking at a white Christmas this year?

EVERY YEAR we watch the skies hoping to see the heavy grey clouds and frost which indicate a blanket of snow is imminent, and almost every year we're disappointed.

Unfortunately, it looks like this year isn't set to be any different.

Met Eireann's forecast shows that the next few days are actually going to be fairly warm, with highs of a balmy 11° degrees tomorrow, and while we can take pleasure in the fact that the next week looks to be dry and sunny, Ireland looks set for a downpour on Christmas Eve, with  intermittent rain forecast for at least six hours during the day.

The Weather Network indicates that Christmas Day will be mostly sunny with only a chance of showers, though-- and because most of us will be spending the day indoors tucking into the big feed and dying off on the couch to watch Shrek in Irish, the rain likely won't affect our day too much.

But while we won't get a white blanket of snow, most of Ireland has been issued with a different colour-- there are currently two seperate Yellow Weather Warnings in place.


The whole country is subject to a Yellow Wind warning from 12:00pm today, with strong gusts of 90-110km/h expected, which could become even stronger in werst and southwest coastal areas.

Meanwhile, a Yellow Rainfall warning is in place from now until approximately 7pm tonight, with 30-40mm expected and the risk of localised flooding in Carlow, Kilkenny, Wexford, Cork, Kerry, Tipperary and Waterford.

So, definitely not the news we wanted to hear-- does anyone else miss the Beast from the East?