Ireland to vote on whether to fly the Catalan flag over Dublin City Hall

Ireland to vote on whether to fly the Catalan flag over Dublin City Hall

DUBLIN City councillors are set to vote on a motion calling for the Catalan flag to fly over City Hall today.

People Before Profit councillor John Lyons will propose the motion at a protocol meeting in the Irish capital this morning.

Mr Lyons’ proposal is similar to another motion passed in Dublin earlier this year, which saw the Palestinian flag hoisted above City Hall throughout May as a show of solidarity.

The raising of the Palestinian flag caused controversy after the Israeli Embassy criticised the move as “counter-productive” and supportive of “terrorist organisations, hatred and blackmail”.

Today’s motion on the Catalonian flag reads: “In solidarity with our twin city of Barcelona this council condemns the Spanish government’s repression and violence perpetrated on citizens exercising their democratic right to vote.

“As such, in an act of solidarity and in recognition of this universal right to democracy and self-determination as established by international covenants, we agree to fly the Catalan flag over City Hall for one month.”

If the motion obtains support this morning, it will then be voted on by every Dublin City councillor at this month's full meeting on Monday, November 6.

The potential hoisting of the Catalan flag in Ireland, less than a week after Catalonia declared independence, could prove contentious after Taoiseach Leo Varadkar refused to recognise the separatist state in recent days.

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