Ireland's capital under threat of serious taxi shortage

Ireland's capital under threat of serious taxi shortage

DUBLIN could see a taxi wipeout in the next few years by the looks of things.

Anyone who lives in Dublin or indeed London will know the challenging task that lies ahead in trying to hail a taxi after a night out.

Bank holiday weekends and holidays, in particular, are always hellish when trying to get a lift home, with the number of taxis in Irish roads appearing scarcer and scarcer.

A  Dublin city councillor, Paul McAuliffe spoke to Irish Examiner about why the number of taxi drivers in business is rapidly depleting, blaming the rising costs of insurance as being the main reason for drivers not being able to drive.

The politician explained: "Well we've seen increasingly over the past three years the cost of car insurance increase, but those in the taxi industry have been particularly impacted...

"The real issue now is that we're being increasingly getting taxi drivers who are coming to us saying that they can't enter the market because insurance companies will not insure them.

"This week alone, I've had two people contacting me saying that they just cannot get a quote."

The news comes as Councillor McAuliffe admitted he had been left shocked at a number of complaints from his area ofDublin. Many residents confessed they were unable to get home as taxis never showed up, with customers left waiting in the cold.