Irish Government approves plans to build new motorway and airport runway

Irish Government approves plans to build new motorway and airport runway

THE IRISH government has approved plans for a new motorway connecting two Irish cities, as well as a second airport for Dublin airport.

A long-awaited motorway to link Cork and Limerick has been given the go ahead and will be paid for as part of the National Development Plan, along with the construction of a second runway at Dublin airport.

In addition to these developments, dart lines that extend to Louth and Kildare are also part of the €115 billion Government spending that was approved at Cabinet yesterday.

The news of a new motorway connecting Limerick and Cork has been requested for years by the people of those counties, as the conditions of the primary road between both cities continued to deteriorate.

An estimated €90 million of the funding is being backed by the Exchequer, with a further €25 million to come from commercial State-owned businesses.

A new National Children's Hospital and National Maternity Hospital are also part of the plan.


Yesterday’s Cabinet meeting also included a 10 year Capital Plan for the country’s infrastructure.

Michael Ring, Minister for Rural and Community Development believes the new plan will create jobs in rural communities.

He said: “People want to live in rural Ireland, people want to see infrastructure in rural Ireland. People want to see jobs in rural Ireland and people want to live in rural Ireland.

“So what we have to do as a Government, and in this plan, is to make sure that the infrastructure is in rural Ireland and that the jobs are in rural Ireland.”