Irish man nominated for 'greatest athlete of all time' award

Irish man nominated for 'greatest athlete of all time' award

A MAN from Wexford has been sensationally nominated for the 'greatest athlete of all time' award.

63-year-old James Kehoe, from Ballycullane, Co. Wexford, is an acclaimed tug of war champion, and has has won numerous medals in international competitions.

The 'greatest athlete of all time' accolade is awarded in recognition of athletic achievement in the World Games, a non-Olympic international sporting competition with contestants from as far afield as Russia and the USA.

Sports include powerlifting, canoeing, archery, and in James' case, the tug of war.   

The Games run every four years, and having competed in nine out of ten of them, Kehoe - representing his local Boley Tug of War Club - has brought home two gold, three silver and five bronze medals.

On top of that, the Wexford man has over 100 national tug of war titles under his belt, and has won a grand total of 25 gold, 22 silver and numerous bronze medals in international competitions over the years.

Kehoe currently resides on the family farm in Boley where he was born. He is keeping fit and preparing for his next bout with the rope. 

There are 23 other candidates from 23 other sports in the running for the award, but to vote for James, follow this link and click vote underneath his picture.

Voting ends February 1.