Irish man who is 'not a conspiracy theorist' tells radio show Bill Gates is plotting to destroy society

Irish man who is 'not a conspiracy theorist' tells radio show Bill Gates is plotting to destroy society

AN IRISH man who has says he is not a conspiracy theorist appeared on a radio show to claim that Bill Gates is trying to destroy society and the media is a worse virus than Covid-19.

Irish radio programme Newstalk earlier this week held a discussion about the rise of conspiracy theories and their dangers amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The subject of conspiracy theories has exploded into mainstream discussion in recent months, particularly since the riots at Capitol Hill in the US and the anti-lockdown protests in Dublin last week which saw scenes of violence erupt in the capital city.

According to Garda Commissioner Drew Harris, the riots were attended by "anti-lockdown, anti-vaccine and anti-facemask types" and were joined by elements of the far-right.

The man, who had attended Dublin's lockdown protest last week, insisted he was not a conspiracy theorist or an anti-vaxxer despite being against the coronavirus vaccine and thinking Bill Gates was plotting to destroy society. Photo: Sam Boal/

One man who was present at Dublin's protest told Newstalk that he was not a conspiracy theorist despite admitting he thinks Bill Gates "wants to bring society to its knees" and Ireland's mainstream media-- including Newstalk, the programme he was speaking on-- "are the virus".

The man went on to say that he is "not an anti-vaxxer" but is against the coronavirus vaccine as it is "not a vaccine, it is an experimental therapy."

The man was knowledgeable in the subject, he said, because he had been listening to "doctors and specialists" and "independent journalists not connected to the mainstream crap that you produce", referring to Newstalk.

"There is nothing preventing you, in this so-called vaccine, from catching your so-called disease," he claimed, despite extensive evidence to the contrary.