Irish Naturist Association hosts nude summer meet-up on Dublin’s Hawk Cliff

Irish Naturist Association hosts nude summer meet-up on Dublin’s Hawk Cliff

IRISH NATURISTS far and wide descended on the picturesque setting of south Dublin’s Hawk Cliff in Dalkey this week for a summer soiree with a difference.

With temperatures soaring across the Emerald Isle, the Irish Naturist Association (INA) held its summer get-together, offering members a chance to hang out with their fellow members' members, so to speak.

Founded way back in 1963, the INA is “dedicated to promoting and expanding naturism in Ireland.”

Open to one and all, the INA operates by a strict set of rules, the most important of which is a simple one: do not offend.

Irish naturists aren’t out to make anyone feel unconformable, which is why they insist members maintain eye contact, respect other people’s personal space and always bring towels to sit on.


Taking photos of fellow naturists without their permission is, of course, forbidden though anyone attending one of the INA’s regular beachside meet-ups is encouraged to soak up the sun and maybe go for a dip in the sea.

The INA is keen to stress how swimming in the nude “feels great".

“There is no swimsuit to (possibly) chafe, your whole body slips through the water, without any encumbrances other than those nature gave you when you were born,” the INA website explains.

“And, as an added bonus, when you get out, there’s no wet/clammy swimsuit to wander around/sit in – your skin dries much quicker than any swimsuit, and it’s much more comfortable.”

They are also  eager to note that the additional nudity doesn’t necessarily mean an increased risk of cancer or sunburn.

“The area of skin covered by a bathing suit doesn’t really make much difference to the above problems – the same precautions have to be taken nude or in a costume,” they explain.


“That said, high sun-protections is ALWAYS advisable when exposing parts of your body which do not usually ‘see the sun’ for the first few times – just as you should anyway.”

So if you fancy an experience with a different, head over to INA website for information on their next get together.