Irish psychic who predicted Covid-19 pandemic and Donald Trump's election defeat says life will return to normal by summer 2021

Irish psychic who predicted Covid-19 pandemic and Donald Trump's election defeat says life will return to normal by summer 2021

IRELAND'S Old Moore's Almanac, which has a fine record of predicting a number of major life events recently, has predicted that life will return to normal by next summer.

The publication, which has been running in Ireland since 1697, was first published by Theophilus Moore, who was dubbed 'The Irish Merlin' - known for his unique ability with mathematics, astrology and accurate predictions.

Old Moore's Almanac has kept up the tradition of predicting the future since Moore's death, and has gained notoriety for their frightening accuracy.

At the start of 2019, they said this: "An unusual virus has us worried. There is a risk of a viral pandemic in the second half of the year," adding that "more and more people will work from home.

If you're still a little skeptical, here's what they predicted at the start of 2020:

  • Donald Trump will not serve a second term as US President, but he won't go quietly.
  • The Democrats will nominate Joe Biden for the presidential race.
  • A global recession is coming.
  • Financial problems for Johnny Depp.
  • Brexit will still dominate the political agenda as the sage continues to trundle on.
  • During the Irish election in 2020, the Green Party will hold the key to power.

Scary, right?

Well here's what they're predicting for Ireland in 2021:

  • Life will slowly return to normal and by late summer, we're over the worst. Hugs, foreign travel, live music and standing at the bar at your local will all return.
  • Irish scientists will make international news with a Covid-related breakthrough.
  • Taoiseach Micheál Martin will face a leadership challenge.
  • The country will be divided when a celebrity is caught breaking lockdown.
  • Housing will once again be a huge issue domestically.
  • An Irish bank will be caught up in an international fraud.

And for the rest of the world...

The Old Moore's Almanac predicts Donald Trump will fight to avoid jail next year
  • Donald Trump becomes less relevant and spends the next few years desperately trying to stay out of jail.
  • Melania Trump makes a break for freedom.
  • Protests and violence on British streets as the impact of Brexit becomes clear.
  • Low vaccine uptake in Europe and the US threatens the pandemic recovery effort. Anti-vaccine protests are countered by opposing sides demanding mandatory vaccinations.
  • A freak weather event in Italy.
  • Nicola Sturgeon seeks a referendum on Scottish independence, but her plans hit a stumbling block.
  • A government-sponsored kidnapping makes the news.
  • World powers make fresh attempts to achieve peace in Syria.
  • An accident in the South China Sea threatens stability in the region.
  • A tense stand-off in the Baltic region, war is narrowly avoided.
  • Forest fires in Europe burn in an unusual place.
  • Travel gets easier with earbuds that can translate foreign languages